We Appreciate The Donations of Our Many Contributors

iahp contributorsThe Institutes is funded by tuition paid by parents and by donations from individuals and private grants. The Institutes is not affiliated with any other organization or group and receive no government funds.

We would like to acknowledge all of the organizations & individuals that have so generously supported the work of The Institutes.

Ametek Foundation
Arcadia Foundation
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Bain
Five B Family Foundation
Helen D. G. Beatty Trust
Bell & Howell
Bethlehem Steel Foundation
Boeing Vertol Good Neighbor Fund
Brith Sholom Foundation
Fred J. Brunner Foundation
Louis N. Cassett Foundation
Sol Cohn Foundation
Connelly Foundation
Crane Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Doman
Downs Foundation
88th Infantry Division Association
Charles Robert Evenson Foundation
Samuel Fels Fund
Federal Express
Freeman Foundation
French Benevolent Society
General Electric Employees Community Service Fund
Given Foundation
Seymour & Doris Greenberg Foundation
Philip S. Harper Foundation
Heinz Foundation
Hoyt Foundation
Hutton Trust
Ite Foundation
Christian Johnson Endowment Fund
Ken Foundation
Kerby Foundation
DJ Kernott Memorial Fund
William A. Klopman Foundation

Featured Donors

The Aoki Family

The Dart Family

The Portillo Family

The Sano Family

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We thank each and every one of you, the supporters to our cause, during the past half-century.