Special One Day Course For Parents.

Are You Ready To Put Your Child On The Path To Wellness?

The Institutes For The chievement Of Human Potential presents our Special One Day Course For Parents
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“How to Evaluate Your Child”

Parents will gain a clear picture of where their child stands and they are ready to learn what to do about it.
Only 30 seats left available.

What You’ll Learn

During this course, Parents learn about The Institutes Developmental Profile and how to use that profile to evaluate where their child is compared to the well child.

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The Institutes is internationally known for its pioneering work in child brain development. Our goal for every child who needs help is to have a fighting chance to be well. It is very likely that your child’s development and happiness are your top priorities.  If you have a child who is struggling, time is the enemy.

The first step for the parents of a child who needs help is to understand their child’s problem. What does the world look like, sound like, or feel like to your child?

“The world has looked at brain growth and development as if it were a predestined and unchangeable fact, instead brain growth and development is a dynamic and ever-changing process. This is a process that can be stopped. This is a process that can be slowed. But most significantly, this is a process that can be speeded.”

— Glenn Doman

Have you ever had the thought that, if you could experience exactly what your child is experiencing for just thirty seconds, you would be half way there to finding a solution to help your child?

You’re right.

What areas of development are critical and what areas are not? If your child is behind – how much behind? What is your child’s actual growth rate right now?

Is your child’s problem how he takes in information? Or, are your child’s problems those of motor out-put? Does your child struggle with both?

Does your child sometimes do things that upset you? Are there things your child does not do that baffle you because you simply do not know why?

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Clark Hall on the campus of The Institutes

We have been teaching parents and providing the answers to these questions for more than 65 years. When parents understand how to evaluate their child they have taken the first big step in understanding how to put their child on a pathway to wellness. This is a live, one day course presented on line. We are keeping this course to a limited number of parents to be certain our parents are confident and well equipped at the end of the course.

Parents learn how to evaluate their child on The Institutes Developmental Profile. The Developmental Profile gives each parent a clear picture of where their child’s development is on track and where it needs more stimulation and opportunity. Parents quickly see that development should not occur by accident, but rather, on purpose with a clear plan that works.

By the end of this course, parents have the answers to many questions that have troubled them. They understand their child more deeply and they see solutions to problems they may have been told could not be solved.

We believe that once parents understand how the brain develops they will look at their child with new eyes, see new possibilities and start to make a new life for their child.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us:
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Call Jennifer Canepa (215-233-2050) or email her at clinic@iahp.org

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This is a wonderful course and we hope that you will be able to join us for what we hope will be one of the most important days of your child’s life.

How To Evaluate Your Child

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Susan Aisen, Janet Doman, Leia Reilly and Rumiko Doman present the course
About The Course

For more than six decades parents have found their way to The Institutes to learn how to help their children get better. Those children have ranged from the profoundly injured children to very mildly injured children.

They may come with a wide range of symptomatic diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, autism, developmental delay, epilepsy, and learning problems. All these children have problems in the central nervous system. Some children have genetic problems which may cause problems in the central nervous system such as Trisomy 21.

This course is devoted to teaching parents how to evaluate their own child on The Institutes Developmental Profile. The profile is the oldest and most reliable assessment of neurological growth and development in use today. Parents learn the critical stages of development of the brain from birth to completion. The importance of the sensory pathways that lead into the brain and the motor pathways that come out of the brain are taught. The simple steps to correctly evaluate each area are taught. A completed profile provides a neurological age. This age when compared with the chronological age yields a rate of growth for the child. That growth rate may then be compared with the average child.

The Institutes Developmental Profile

The Institutes Developmental Profile gives a comprehensive overview of the child’s abilities and a clear picture of exactly what underlying problems may be holding a child back.

Ample opportunity is provided for parents to ask questions throughout the course so that parents feel confident that they can evaluate their own child by the end of the course.

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Get Access To Our Special One Day Course For Parents

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About Enrollment

When mother or father enrolls in the course, they receive a family enrollment. This means that both parents may attend together with one enrollment for that course. Each parent attending the course must complete the course application, agree to attend every minute of all sessions, and follow the rules of the course. The family enrollment is for one course only, if one parent wishes to attend a future course, then a new application for enrollment would need to be made.
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Parents from all over the world attend

Course Materials

Early enrollment is important. There are very important materials that are needed for this course. These materials are sent to each family when they enroll to be certain that parents have what they need when the course begins. Other materials may be sent electronically at the end of the course.

Follow Up After the Course

Shortly after parents have attended the course, the staff will contact the family to answer questions that may arise.

“Dear Parents, please take this course, do not hesitate or wait. The privilege of taking the course on-line now is a blessing in disguise, the classes are so well-taught and presented, you will understand your child and that’s the first best thing you can do to help your child.”
— Mother from Ireland
Questions? Schedule a time to talk.

No matter how frightening the symptomatic label given to a child may be, thousands of parents have learned that the brain has tremendous plasticity.

Our children get better – much better.

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Years of Experience

What Parents Say About Our Courses
The course answered my fear for the future of my brain-injured child, now I understand how to create a home treatment program that can change my son for the better.”
Mother, Indonesia
The classes in the course were so beautifully made that we learn about our child’s problems at each level, we learn how the child is dealing with it, and it’s really very motivating and gives us hope.”
Mother, India
America loves “experts” but often all the expert knows is the traditions and myths rather than actual on the ground knowledge. The Institutes have spent decades working with kids, literally on the ground to unlearn all the traditions and myths preventing kids from getting better.”
Father, Illinois
There are so many important things to be learned in this course. I think to know my child can have a better life than I was expecting is the best thing. The information provided in the course changed my perspective. I think the course was great.”
Mother, Utah
We, Mom, Dad, and Grandma, can do this plan for our girl, there is great hope! It will change everything! We will restructure our days, our work…and especially our expectations. I’m in love with all of the Staff-seriously. Their love for hurt kids and what they do for them is priceless and precious. God bless them all!”
Grandmother, Colorado


Get Access To Our Special One Day Course For Parents

Thank you HTE
Thank you HTE
What’s Possible For Your Child?
thomas story
thomas story
DX Trisomy 21

After a week in the hospital, the staff … showed us all the statistics of how bad our son’s life would be.

Had we kept doing the traditional therapies, Thomas would develop at his rhythm, but if we learned how to give Thomas the best opportunity to develop, he would develop in an unbelievable rhythm that would make up for lost time.

After only six months … he began to change. His language went from 15 words to 200.
Soon? His focus and attention significantly improved.
Best of all, he became fully trilingual now as well! (Portuguese, English, and French).

Sounds in the household bothered him much less than before. His memory for people and places was very good and he was interacting well with adults and children.


When she was born, doctors diagnosed Kira with Choanal Atresia, a congenital disorder where soft tissue blocks the nasal passage.

This made breathing very difficult for Kira, and she required surgery at 16 days of life. Additional surgery was needed at 14 months old, as Kira’s breathing problems persisted.

Parents were told that Kira had Cerebral Palsy, and she was diagnosed as Mentally Retarded. Parents started on a journey to find answers to help Kira’s development.

Since parents began the program of The Institutes with Kira, her parents report she understands at a level higher than other children her age.

She is able to walk outside on many different surfaces, and now has many words of speech to communicate what she needs or wants.

We congratulate Kira and her parents on all of their past and future victories!

Thank you HTE
diego story
Dx Trisomy 8

Diego was diagnosed with the genetic disorder, Trisomy 8. He was 11 months when he started the program. He had restricted movement of his arms and legs due to rigidity.

Today Diego not only creeps more than a thousand meters daily on his hands and knees, he is walking independently.

Dx Autism

Krishna was diagnosed as autistic and hyperactive, with attention deficit disorder after an adverse reaction to medication. At eight years of age, he did not follow instructions and spoke only a few words. His parents attended the What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child course one year ago, and applied all they had learned. Today, Krishna is a different boy. He is beginning to read and type, and play with his little brother for the first time. He talks all day, adding new words to his vocabulary daily. He follows instructions the first time he is asked, and now travels calmly by car and plane. What a difference a year can make!

Today, at ten years of age, Krishna is a student of philosophy, he is a speed reader and expresses himself beautifully through his writing. He runs a kilometer daily, and has been 100% healthy for the last year. He speaks in sentences now, and is really enjoying being a big brother.
Instead of accepting this fate, through hard work his parents chose a path that’s already helped thousands of parents around the world to reject false despair and fight for their child’s right to a real life.

krishna story
krishna story


Get Access To Our Special One Day Course For Parents

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Thank you HTE
Thank you HTE