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The Tony Robbins Challenge

Tony is challenging each of us to contribute by matching every dollar we give up to $100,000. Join us, contribute now.

About Tony and Sage

Tony Robbins has loved and admired the work of Glenn Doman and The Institutes for more than three decades. Glenn deeply admired Tony’s work because it aligned so closely with the philosophy of The Institutes.

Today Sage and Tony Robbins have a beautiful baby daughter. They are thrilled that their daughter is enjoying the benefits of an enriched environment at home with the guidance of The Institutes.

Tony understands the significant challenge that exists right now for The Institutes and our families.

The Tony Robbins Challenge

Tony is honored to contribute to the legacy of The Institutes work by offering a challenge grant of $100,000.

Tony and Sage would like:

To challenge the children of The Institutes who have benefitted from the program to be part of this challenge to help the children of the future.

To encourage every parent whose child’s life has been changed to help the parents of the future who need that same help.

To reach out to every friend of The Institutes who wants to ensure a strong future for all parents and children to be part of this challenge grant.

Goal: $100k

Donations: 109

For many years parents have been arriving at The Institutes saying “Tony sent us!”.  We are so happy to be able to help Tony’s family after so many years. We are deeply touched by this contribution of the Robbins family. We hope our family around the world will join us to meet this challenge.

                                                          Janet Doman, Director

The Institutes has spent 68 years of search and discovery in child brain development. They have significantly improved the lives of millions of children through their life-changing program, courses and books.

Thank you for your donation to The Institutes!

Your gift will help us continue to improve the lives of both hurt and well children around the world.