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No Child is Hopeless

Our goal is for every hurt child to have a fighting chance to be well.

There are probably 100 ways for a good brain to get hurt and, by now, we have probably seen all those ways. It does not matter whether that path began shortly after conception, six months before delivery or after birth, in the end, the child is left with the injury and its consequences.

The good news is that the brain has tremendous plasticity. It can recover, it can get better – it is only hurt.

The brain-injured child is hurt: not damaged, not diseased, they are hurt.

That is why we often use the term “hurt kids”. It is a softer, more accurate and, we hope, more civilized way to introduce the brain-injured child who has been tragically called by so many names that are libels more than labels.

Why You Need 25 Things to Help Your Child.

The 25 Things You Need to Know to Help Your Child PDF helps parents and professionals, like you, who seek answers to the problems facing their brain-injured child.

It outlines what you need to know, what to do, and what not to do in the areas of mobility, intelligence, communication, social growth, nutrition, environment, and medication.

This powerful PDF provides you with the tools needed to really help your brain-injured child.

Our Results

We have worked with thousands of children and their parents over the last 65 years, and put thousands of them on a pathway to wellness. Some of the ways we’re improving the lives of children around the world are with their: vision, hearing, understanding, crawling, creeping, walking, running, reading, talking, writing, health, and detoxification.

65+ Years of Success Stories

“I am writing to give you a glimpse of what is possible.  I want parents to understand that labels like autism, epilepsy, ADHD, learning problems, reading problems, dyslexia, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, all mean one simple thing.  The brain isn’t functioning as it should.”

“These labels all point to symptoms that indicate that the brain is disorganized in some way.  Neurological organization is possible, which means that the symptoms would go away.  The labels would no longer apply.”

“That is what happened with my daughter.  She once had profound “learning disabilities” and she is now making excellent grades at the community college, preparing for business school.  She once had regular seizures, despite the numerous medications she took.  She is now free of medications and seizures.  She once had motor delays and was extremely uncoordinated.  She became a triathlete and a gymnast.”

“It is possible.  And, as much as I love her, it isn’t because she is special.  It is because she has had a program of neurological organization that allowed her to outgrow her brain injury.”
~ Haylies's Mother

“For the last couple of years I have made a lot of progress and I don’t think of myself as brain-injured anymore.”

“For example, I used to have a lot of trouble walking because my left ankle was really tight and twisted. I used to have a lot of pain in my left foot whenever I walked. My balance was not good. I walked on the side of my foot all the time. I had no control of my left foot. Sometimes I could count on it for balance and to walk and sometimes I couldn’t.”

“Today my life has changed dramatically. I am doing correspondence for high school through the university and even though I started out behind I will graduate with an honors diploma with my peers. My favorite class is math. Now I have started my new business of selling vitamins and launched a website.”

“In every way I am a regular person now.”

~ Haylie - Convergence, Hyperauditory, Medication

“Not only was I blind, but totally paralyzed, unable to speak, eat, drink, or feel any physical sensations! I came to The Institutes approximately 9 months after my accident. I began the Intensive Treatment Program with my family.”

“Within the first 3 months, I began to see, to hear, and started to learn how to move. Meaning that my program was helping to provide hundreds of opportunities for my brain to begin to forge new pathways for functions I had previously lost.”



“Worth every moment?”


“The program has not only changed my life but that of my entire family. It has brought us closer together, provided creative expressions of talent in my older siblings (of which there are 5!), with each member of the family staying true to the big picture for me! Without Glenn Doman, I would likely be so hurt still, with little to no hope of becoming well or excellent.”

~ Caelum - Blindness, Coma, Deafness

“From the moment Brody was born until the moment we attended the course, the words, ‘My son is brain-injured’ never escaped our mouths. Not because we were ashamed, but solely based on the lack of awareness of what brain injury really means.”

“Brain-injured children have just as much potential, if not more, than that of well children. This course has given our son the other 95% chance through increased opportunity to grow the brain, instead of merely that 5% chance of survival we were given at first.”

~ Brody's Mother
Children have potential icon

All children have potential

We believe all children have a right to be intellectually, physically and socially excellent.

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Parents are the best teachers

When parents know how the brain grows, they can create an enriched environment at home for their children.

Intellectual icon

The brain grows by use

Parents learn appropriate, safe, enjoyable and effective ways to promote the growth of the brain.

There is Hope
“The most important thing I learned from this course is that there is hope, I can help my granddaughter. This course was more, much more than I was expecting. It was absolutely worth the time, effort and money that it cost. If I had to do it over again, I would have come sooner."
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— Grandfather, Illinois
Professional and Passionate
"The course exceeded my expectations, the Staff is very professional and very passionate. They really care and love what they do. I am really thankful for finding The Institutes."
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— Father, Georgia
Excellent Online Learning Environment
"The course was what I was expecting but it exceeded my expectations. The online learning was presented very well and was very easy to follow and learn. My guess is that the experience the Staff has created is the best it could be for online learning."
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— Mother, Colorado

How The Institutes Creates a Better Future for your Child

What Makes us Different

Medical diagnosis record icon

A Real Diagnosis

When children come to us, they have often received a poor prognosis and symptomatic labels, but no real diagnosis. We give children an accurate diagnosis that states the area of the brain involved, the degree of injury, and the extent of injury to brain.

Medicine icon

Drug-Free Treatment

Some medications have a suppressive effect on the brain. A sedated child is not a healthy child. We use a program of stimulation and opportunity, not medications, to help the injured brain to mature and function more normally.

Unique programming icon

Unique Programming

Each child is unique and requires a program designed for that child’s neurological condition and physiology. Our clinical team works tirelessly to create one-of-a-kind treatment program that is ideal for each child based on regular evaluations.

Programs for Hurt Children

Our children arrive with symptomatic diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, autism, developmental delay, epilepsy, attention deficit disorder, learning problems, dyslexia or one of many syndromes for genetic disorders that can cause neurological problems. Many parents are told that their child cannot be helped. Instead of receiving effective treatment, they are offered palliative care.

We treat the brain, not the symptoms. This makes all the difference. Our parents have proven that hurt children have enormous potential.

program for hurt children

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