How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course​

September 26-30, 2022

In this course, mothers and fathers learn how to teach in a joyous and relaxed way without the pressure and stress that we sometimes associate with our own education.

How Do You Keep Up With Your Kids?

Little children want to learn about everything and they want to learn right now. From the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night they are in motion and asking questions.

The pressure on Mother and father can be intense. Parents need a plan to make their time with their children richer and more productive. A good plan changes everything.

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More Than Half a Century of Experience

Parents come from all over the world to learn how to increase the intellectual, physical and social abilities of their children.

How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence is a comprehensive course that provides parents with the essential information they need to create an enriched home environment for their children.

Course & Programs

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Understand early development

Learn how the brain develops & what you can do to increase & enhance that development for your child.

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Create an effective plan

Learn how to design an effective program that you can do at home to teach your children whatever they want to learn.

Fitness and health icon

Fitness and health

Learn why a physical program not only benefits health and fitness, but is essential to intellectual development.

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Joyous teaching

Learn how to teach your child in a happy, relaxed & completely joyous way.

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You are the key

Learn why you are the most important teacher your children will ever have.

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Learn why teaching your child creates a life-long bond of love and respect

Five And A Half Amazing Days

“I lived 3 years wishing I could take this profound course remotely. Now it is available. Attend. Attend before having kids.”

In our first half day our parents meet our staff and learn about The Institutes historic worldwide search and discovery to understand child brain development, not only in modern culture, but in ancient indigenous cultures around the world. We end our afternoon meeting each of the parents in the course by asking what brought them to the course and what they hope to gain from attending.

Enroll and Create an Enriched Environment for Your Child

What You'll Take Away

You’ll leave the course with all of the resources and knowledge you need to get your child on the path to excellence.

Brain Development Programs

Intellectual program icon

Intellectual Program

We instruct mother and father on how to teach anything and everything in an honest, factual, and joyous way. We learn the significance of genetics and environment, and we gain a healthy respect for the greatest CPU on earth – the human brain – and how to use 30 seconds of your child’s time to multiply your child’s intelligence.

Physical program icon

Physical Program

The Physical Program provides the foundation for all the intellectual programs and for physiological well-being. This program is about the fundamental physical stages of neurological growth and development.

Physiological program icon

Physiological Program

Improve your child’s well-being through an appropriate nutrition plan and a healthy home environment, building the foundations for a lifetime of health and success through an appreciation for physical health. We help our parents become positive role-models that instill healthy habits that will last a life-time.

Essential Materials

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Lecture Notebook

This course companion contains enough materials to keep the at home development programs going for 6-12 months.

Pathway To Excellence Book

Pathway to Excellence Book

A practical book with guidance on what to do and what not to do in 240 vital points in mobility, intelligence, nutrition, communication, social growth, environmental factors, and more.

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IN-Report Journal

The Institutes journal has reported our results every six months for the last 45 years.

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All children have potential

We believe all children have a right to be intellectually, physically and socially excellent.

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Parents are the best teachers

When parents know how the brain grows, they can create an enriched environment at home for their children.

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The brain grows by use

Parents learn appropriate, safe, enjoyable and effective ways to promote the growth of the brain.

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Learning is Play

All human beings are learning throughout life. But learning is an inverse function of age. Tiny children learn at a rate that is truly astonishing, and they do so, without effort because learning is the highest form of play for a child.

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Children want to learn

Every waking moment the child is demanding information. The pressure on parents is relentless. It is easy to be overwhelmed. We give our parents the answers to feed their hungry students and to enjoy every minute.

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Ability is the goal

Little children are highly intelligent but they often spend the first six years being treated as if they are not. This can create frustration and upset. When parents understand what to do, the child’s abilities grow then frustration and upsets disappear.

Success Stories

25 ways to enrich your child's life
“I attended the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course. This course was very interesting, very surprising, and worth it. I have five children. The first and most important benefit that occurred in our family as a result of this course was the improved relationships between parents and children. 
We have much better communication now. Other important benefits we have achieved due to this course regarding the intelligence program are: high speed at reading and mental arithmetic. We have noticed the special ability of our children to solve problems themselves.
We would repeat one hundred times the great experience of attending this course.”
The Romero Family, Barcelona, Spain

“About 20 years ago, I took the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course at The Institutes. 

My son was 6 months back then. I couldn’t believe the loving and caring environment The Institutes creates for parents and kids, as well as as the wealth of knowledge you give.My son did very well with the reading and math programs. He started school advanced in both. He excelled throughout and won a full scholarship to all the universities he applied to in our state of Florida. All through middle school and high school, he “played with his computer” and taught himself how to be an IT consultant. At age 14, I would pick him up from school and drive him to his corporate clients.

Today, he’s 21 and fully self-supporting. He assists with local community human rights abuses and drives a nice car to his clients. He now charges more than double per hour than what I make as a nurse. He’s a model son and a joy to have around.

I give credit to the early childhood program I did with him. The How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course is so important to all parents and children everywhere. The course has meant so much to my family.”

By Janie W., Florida

25 ways to enrich your child's life
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“I attended the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course in December 1981 as a new mother (our son, Michael, was then 13 months old) and my husband attended a year or so later. The information and wisdom The Institutes shared with us allow us to call our son Dr. Warren as of today.”
Carol Warren, California

“I am forever grateful to the most amazing and impactful education experience of my life. The completion of the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course is absolutely more meaningful and useful to me than completing my BA and MBA at Pepperdine University. The course is daily benefiting me and my daughter profoundly.  I’m confident that I’ve gone through the best professional parent education on the planet!

When I first attended the course, I had been teaching my daughter, Isabella, words, Bits of Intelligence and numbers. When she was almost 15 months and increasingly becoming a very busy toddler, I saw that she was more interested in moving around than sitting to see the information. 

Now that I really understand the brilliance and will of a baby; I know she hears me the first time and repeating myself would be an insult to her and me. So, if she doesn’t respond, my words and energy will result in me being ignored.  I feel very blessed and grateful to have such evolving and priceless learning experiences with my daughter.

I am definitely raising my daughter differently than how I was raised. I deeply value all the tools I have learned from the How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course, which is the most fun, effective and gratifying way of truly relating to my baby. The bond of love my daughter and I share has definitely deepened through trust, respect, communication and confidence via The Institutes’ teaching methods.”

Angela O. from California

Teachers Who Really Care

Our staff provide expert instruction to ensure that parents understand the basis and rationale of the program, and practical know-how gained from years of firsthand experience with parents and babies.

Susan Aisen

Susan Aisen

The Institute for Intellectual Excellence
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Janet Doman

Janet Doman

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
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Leia Coelho Reilly

Leia Coelho Reilly

The Institute for Physical Excellence
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Rumiko Ion Doman

Rumiko Ion Doman

Vice Director
The Institute for Physical Excellence
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Kathy Myers

Kathy Myers

Senior Staff
The Institute for Intellectual Excellence
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Glenn Doman

Glenn Doman

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential
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Janet Doman

Janet Doman has been the director of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential since 1980.

From a young age she worked side-by side with her father, Glenn Doman and her mother, Katie Doman, founders of The Institutes. She studied physical anthropology and neurophysiology at the University of Pennsylvania and Zoology at The University of Hull in England and then rejoined the staff of The Institutes in 1971.

Janet is the co-author of the best sellers How To Teach Your Baby To Read, How To Teach Your Baby Math, How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence, How Smart Is Your Baby?, and How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge. Janet and her team of child brain developmentalist wrote The Pathway to Wellness and The Pathway to Excellence. She authored the children’s book Enough, Inigo, Enough.

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