30th Annual 2016 Swimathon a Huge Success!

Question: How far can 10 children swim in 30 to 60 minutes?

Answer: About 11 Miles


2016 Team: Every personal goal was accomplished.

As we said in our newsletter several weeks ago: Every year the entire student body of the International School jumps in the pool and they swim. This year is the 30th Annual 2016 Swimathon. 
Our students do this as their yearly contribution to their hurt brothers and sisters who come from all over the world to find help at The Institutes. They will swim for them, knowing that every length they complete will mean another contribution to the work of The Institutes. 

For three decades, The Evan Thomas Institute’s students have been churning through length after length to help brain-injured children. This event is physically, intellectually, socially, and even physiologically a huge challenge, but when all is said and done the goal is to raise funds to support The Institutes programs for brain-injured children.

Last Saturday 10 children jumped in the pool and gave it their very best, and when they were done they had completed a total of 771 lengths of the 25-yard pool. The youngest swimmer was Ronald, four years old; his goal was to swim 6 lengths in 30 minutes. It was his first Swimathon, and Ronald completed 19 lengths of the pool! A veteran swimmer in the event this year was Faith, 12 years old, who completed 141 lengths in 60 minutes. (See her post-event interview) 

30th Annual 2016 Swimathon Students Give Back

Most importantly, after months of training and fundraising, the swimmers discover the joy of working as a team. They realize their inner strength and resolve, but above all they learn the power of giving.


Youngest swimmer, Ronald, age 4 years, with his best coast, Dad. 

See Ronald’s post event interview


Joelle’s mother keeps track of each lap she swims

See Joelle’s post event interview


Eivi, age 5, cheered on by mother, completes 30 lengths with energy to spare. 

See Eivi’s post event interview


The senior swimmers are ready to start. 


Incredibly Yvonne, age 9, doubles her 2015 result with 66 lengths this year


Ana, age 9, had a great swim with 88 lengths

See Ana’s post event interview


Ariana, age 12, did her personal best – 105 lengths

See Ariana’s post event interview


Esteban, age 13, went beyond his goal with 118 lengths


Alan, age 12, surpassed his goal with 123 lengths

See Alan’s post event interview


FFaith, age 12, a veteran swimathoner, completed 141 lengths.

See Faith’s post event interview


Susan Aisen and Janet Doman collect and certify the results for
Our 30th Annual 2016 Swimathon

It’s not too late!