Autism Success Story: Alex

“He has been healthy – before going to The Institutes he was sick all the time.”

Alex was diagnosed as autistic at 18 months of age. When he was 33 months of age, his mother attended the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course, and began a treatment program with Alex at home. Alex and his parents have since joined the Intensive Treatment Program, and through their hard work and dedication have achieved amazing results. Comparing Alex to how he was before the program, Alex’s mother states:

Alex Crying

Alex cried constantly as he was too sensitive to sounds, water and foods.

“Alex is doing so great! I quit my job to do the program at home, and it’s been really the most wonderful days of my life. Before I went to the course, he had only one word, and now he says all the colors and all the letters of the alphabet. He is talking to request things, he counts from 1 to ten, and the repetitive movements that he had and the hypersensitivity are gone. Since December, when we came back from Philadelphia, all the runny noses and infections are completely gone. He has been healthy – before going to The Institutes he was sick all the time.”

Alex Clapping

Alex engaged in repetitive actions like clapping and flapping his hands.

Alex is highly intelligent and has become an excellent reader. In this video, watch Alex demonstrate his impressive reading ability.

In honor of the 95th anniversary of Glenn Doman’s birth, which occurred on August 26th, Alex’s mother wrote a letter to The Institutes describing Alex’s progress while on The Institutes Program and what Glenn Doman’s life and achievements have meant to her family:

“I believe the greatest way to celebrate the life of this wonderful man is to share one of the many stories where brain-injured kids have had a chance of a better life.

When my son was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 18 months, I felt that my whole life was falling apart. All the dreams I had for him suddenly were vanishing. I remembered crying every day, feeling hopeless, and having so many questions that nobody could answer for me. After so many doctors’ appointments I always heard the same thing, “Your son might never be able to talk, run, or have a normal life.” Even simple tasks like feeding him or dressing him were so hard.

I remember the day I was at The Institutes and Glenn Doman talked in the auditorium; I felt so much peace in my heart. He was the brightest light in my son’s uncertain life.

Alex Autism

Alex Today

“I have no words to express how much gratitude I have to him and to all the people that work around his research because he is giving me my son back. Thanks to this wonderful man, my 5-year-old is talking in full sentences, running, riding his tricycle, reading commercial books, expressing feelings, can count up to 100, knows all the states of the United States, and I can go on and on. Glenn Doman has given me back my dreams, dreams where I can see my son succeed.”

In honor of Glenn Doman’s birthday, Alex played “Happy Birthday” on his keyboard at home. The staff of The Institutes commend Alex and his parents for their hard work and dedication, and congratulate them for their wonderful results!

Today, at five years of age, Alex is speaking, reading, and writing in both Spanish and English. He is composing beautiful musical compositions, and is eager to play them for others. He is now above his age level physically as well as intellectually, running one kilometer daily, doing gymnastic backward rolls, and hopping across the room. He is enjoying music and yoga classes, and attending church, no longer bothered by the sounds around him. Mother writes most recently, “I could not let more days pass without letting you know Alex continues to do great, he is helping more around the house, and we are going many places as a family, his behavior is excellent. Recently, friends came to visit, and Alex played with their children very well. We are so proud to be part of The Institutes, thank you so much again for giving us our son back.”

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